Monday, December 24, 2012

Barak Obama

Here is a picture of the most famous black man in the world the president of the United States Barak Obama.To simplify things imagine all the black areas like the hair, the eye brows, the nostrils and the line of the lips as burnt umber. Now imagine most of the right side of his face, some of the ears and lips as sienna. Now imagine that most of the left side of his face and highlights on the right side as naples yellow.     

Here I've picked out 6 different distinct colors to show you how I break it down.
In the videos I break down the colors into 3 groups. They are darks, mediums or mids and lights. each group has 2 colors. heres a break down of each color

1) 1 part umber/ 1 part mars black: this will be the darkest tones like the hair, the lips, the nostrils, the eye brows and the eyes. the umber/black combo makes a specific kind of black that will be consistant with the rest of the colors around the face.
2) 1 part umber/ 1 part sienna: this will be the lighter dark tone. It will go around the eyes the shadow on the bridge of the nose around most of the jaw line, the frown lines the shadow of the nostril, lips etc. this is a dark brown color not too dark. the sienna lightens the umber

3) 1 part umber/ 1 part sienna/ 1 part naples yellow: this would be the forhead , cheeks, around the chin around the nose, ears, lips, eyes etc. the addition of the naples yellow lightens up the mix of color 2. It makes it lighter and keeps it consistent.
4) 1 part umber/ 1 part sienna/ 1 part naples yellow/ 1 part titanium white: this would also go on the forhead, and every else you put color 3, the left side of the cheek etc.

5) 1 part umber/ 1 part sienna/ 2 parts naples yellow/ 2 parts titanium white: this color would go mostly on the left side of the face, it's the highlights for the right side of the face, the ears, forhead etc.
6) 1 part umber/ 1 part sienna/ 2 part naples yellow/ 4 part titanium white: this will be your highlights in the forhead, nose, ears etc.
you see that each color is built on the colors that comes before it. each color is distinct enough to stand out but really similar to all the colors around it.

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